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Satellite position: 15.8░E
Origin country: Romania
Broadcast area: Europe


TVR is the Romanian national TV service provider. TVR has seven national TV channels: TVR1, TVR2, TVR3, TVR Cultural, TVR Info, TVRi, and TVR HD. It also has six regional TV channels or "studios" ("studiouri teritoriale"): TVR Bucureşti, TVR Cluj, TVR Craiova, TVR Iaşi, TVR Târgu-Mureş and TVR Timişoara.

  • 1956 - TVR was established in Bucharest and had its first broadcast on December 31 from a little building (a deserted cinema studio) on Moliere Street no. 2.
  • 1968 - A second channel, TVR2, was created. TVR2 was suspended from 1985, due to the "energy saving programme" initiated by Nicolae Ceau║escu.
  • 1983 - TVR introduced color television. Although the rest of the Eastern Bloc countries adopted the Soviet-backed SECAM system, TVR chose to implement the PAL system.
  • 1989 - Rebels occupied the TVR building, in the afternoon of December 22 and announced that the Ceau║escus had fled.
  • 1995 - TVRi was launched on December 1, Great Union Day, the national holiday.
  • 2002 - TVR Cultural was launched.
  • 2008 - June 1, TVR HD started broadcasting in HD. Euro 2008 and the 2008 Summer Olympics were transmitted in HD.
  • 2008 - October 10, TVR 3 was launched. This is a channel dedicated to local programming, airing shows and news produced in the various regions of Romania.
  • 2008 - December 31, TVR Info, a "must-carry" channel for all cable operators, was launched.

Packages & Pricing

No subscription required. The smartcard price is 50RON and can be sold to any Romanian citizen.


TVR1, TVR2, TVR3, TVR HD, TVR cultural, TVR info, TV Romania International, TVR Cluj, TVR Craiova, TVR Iasi, TVR Timisoara, TVR TG Mures

Known CAID / ProvID

CAID/ProvId Text Cryptsystem Status SoftCAM
0500/FFF720 Viaccess Viaccess active NewCS+MGcamd, OScam
0500/025900 Viaccess Viaccess active NewCS+MGcamd, Oscam
0500/025910 Viaccess Viaccess active NewCS+MGcamd, OScam


card reader /dev/ttyUSB0
handled 0(0) ecms and 0(0) emms
Viaccess card 
Caid 500
Cardserial (removed)
ident fff720 - bf645a
ident 25900 - bf645a
ident 25910 - bf645a
valid from 8-2-2011 untill 28-9-2011
valid from 31-10-2010 untill 23-2-2011
valid from 27-8-2010 untill 23-2-2011
valid from 5-10-2009 untill 26-8-2010
valid from 25-9-2009 untill 26-8-2010
valid from 16-9-2009 untill 15-10-2009
valid from 10-9-2009 untill 26-8-2010
valid from 8-9-2009 untill 26-8-2010
valid from 1-9-2009 untill 30-9-2009

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