Sky Deutschland

Provider information

Satellite position: 19.2E Astra, 23.5E Astra
Origin country: Germany
Broadcast area: Germany, Austria


The German Sky has its origin in the analogue premium channel "Premiere". It was owned by Kirch Group, Bertelsmann and Canal+ and started broadcasting in 1991. In 1996, Kirch Media launched a digital satellite platform called DF1 which offered several different channels, including premium movie and sports channels. Premiere started broadcasting three digital channels in 1997, one channel mirroring the analogue channel and two showing the same content at different times. Premiere and DF1 merged to form "Premiere World" on 1 October 1999. Many of the channels offered on DF1 were carried over to Premiere World, others were rebranded or closed. In 2002, the service became known as simply "Premiere". Many of the channels were rebranded and the package structure was overhauled at the same time. At the same time, KirchGroup filed for bankruptcy. In 2003, investment group Permira stepped in and took control of Premiere.

Exclusivity was for a long time a major selling point for Premiere, and most of its channels were only available through the Premiere platform. This changed in September 2007, when Premiere launched "Premiere Star", a new satellite package made up of channels that weren't exclusive to Premiere. The package included TNT, Sat.1 Comedy, Kabel eins Classics, AXN, Kinowelt.TV, RTL Living, e-clips, Animax, Playhouse Disney, Toon Disney, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, MTV Music, ESPN, MTV Entertainment and Nick Premium.

On 4 July 2009, Premiere was rebranded to become Sky Deutschland. In conjunction with the relaunch, many channels would disappear from the platform, many would switch packages, many were renamed and several new channels were added. The rebrand resulted a return of News Corporation's Sky brand in Germany since the encryption of the Sky Channel (now Sky1) in 1993, apart from availablity of Sky News. Sky is owned 39% by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

Packages & Pricing

Package Price HD option
Sky Welt 16,90 EUR 10,00 EUR
Sky Welt/Extra + Film 32,90 EUR 10,00 EUR
Sky Welt/Extra + Sport 32,90 EUR 10,00 EUR
Sky Welt/Extra + Bundesliga 32,90 EUR 10,00 EUR
Sky Welt/Extra + Film + Sport 44,90 EUR 5,00 EUR
Sky Welt/Extra + Film + Bundesliga 44,90 EUR 5,00 EUR
Sky Welt/Extra + Sport + Bundesliga 44,90 EUR 5,00 EUR
Sky Welt/Extra + Film + Sport + Bundesliga 54,90 EUR 5,00 EUR


Known CAID / ProvID

CAID/ProvId Text Cryptsystem Status SoftCAM
1702:000000 Sky Germany (19.2E/23.5E) BetaCrypt active for sat
1722:000000 Sky Germany (19.2E/23.5E) BetaCrypt active for cable
09C4:000000 Sky Germany (19.2E/23.5E) VideoGuard active
1833:000000 Sky Germany (19.2E/23.5E) Nagravision 3 ???
1834:000000 Sky Germany (19.2E/23.5E) Nagravision 3 ???


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Smartcard pictures

Betacrypt/Nagravision 2 smartcards (CaID 1702) from Premiere (now Sky) for satellite reception.


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