Orf Digital

Provider information

Satellite position: 19.2E Astra
Origin country: Austria
Broadcast area: Austria
Homepage: www.orf.at

Known CAID / ProvID

CAID/ProvId Text Cryptsystem Status Softcam
0D05:000000 ORF Digital (19.2E) Cryptoworks active - old cards CCcam, NewCS, etc…
0D95:000000 ORF Digital (19.2E) Cryptoworks (ICE) active - new cards CCcam 2.1.2+, NewCS, Camd3
0648:000000 ORF Digital (19.2E) Irdeto 2 ???
1833:000000 Sky Germany (19.2E/23.5E) Nagravision 3 Subscription on Sky Germany card
1702:000000 Sky Germany (19.2E/23.5E) BetaCrypt Subscription on Sky Germany card
09C4:000000 Sky Germany (19.2E/23.5E) VideoGuard Subscription on Sky Germany card


ORF Digital old Cryptoworks smartcard (CaID 0D05)

card reader /dev/usb/tts/0
handled 21281(20567) ecms and 19(10) emms
Cryptoworks card bios rev 3
Caid d05 0x08 ORF
Cardserial xxxxxxxxx
id chid stat date version name
04 0010 88 13.09.09-12.10.09 00000000 ATV+
04 0001 88 13.09.09-12.10.09 00000000 ORF All
04 0010 08 25.08.09-26.03.10 00000000 ATV+
04 0001 08 06.09.09-04.04.10 00000000 ORF All

Smartcard pictures

ORF Digital old Cryptoworks smartcard (CaID 0D05)

ORF Digital Irdeto Cryptoworks Enhanced (CaID 0D95)

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