Dolce by Romtelecom

Provider information

Satellite position: 39.0°E
Origin country: Romania
Broadcast area: Romania
Homepage: and


  • Romtelecom - Romanian national fixed telephony operator
  • 1998 Romtelecom is privatized and become a subsidiary of the OTE Group
  • 29 nov 2006 the DTH platform Dolce is launched by Romtelecom
  • 12 mai 2011 Romtelecom aquire the Boom TV platform. All subscribers are now migrating to DolceTV.
  • 1 iun 2011 Romtelecom aquire the AKTA TV platform. All subscribers are now migrating to DolceTV.

Packages & Pricing

  • Dolce Maxim: 11.0€
  • Dolce Star: 6.1€
  • Dolce Variat: 4.8€
  • Dolce HD: 4.8€
  • Dolce MaxPack: 4.8€

!!! Important: The real price of the packages is very hard to find. All price are influenced by combination of packages, duration of subscription and other services provided by Romtelecom !!!


Known CAID / ProvID

CAID/ProvId Text Cryptsystem Status

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