AKTA Satelit

Provider information

Satellite position: 4.8°E
Origin country: Romania
Broadcast area: Romania
Homepage: www.akta.ro/dth


  • AKTA is the DHT servide provided by Digital Cable Systems SA (owned by PineBridge Investments)
  • 1 iun 2011 the DolceTV (owned by Romtelecom) aquired the BoomTV platform. All subscribers are now migrating to DolceTV.

Packages & Pricing

  • Baza: 28.9RON
  • Energy: 11.5RON
  • Evolution: 12.5RON
  • HBO MaxPAck: 18RON
  • HBO: 16RON
  • Cinemax: 10.5RON


Baza: TVR1, TVR2, ProTV, PrimaTV, Antena1, Kanal D, B1 TV, Pro Cinema, Pro TV International, TVR Cultural, Realitatea, Antena3, AXN, AXN Crime, AXN Sci-Fi, Diva Universal, Acasa TV, National TV, Discovery, Animal Planet, Sport.ro , Eurosport, TCM, Movies24, Romantica, Alfa&Omega, Paprika, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, MiniMax, Etno, Taraf, OTV, Da Vinci Learning

Energy: Sport1, X-Dream TV, Free-X TV

Evolution: Discovery Science, Viasat Explorer, Viasat History, Travel & Living, Discovery World, TV1000

HBO MaxPACK: HBO, HBO Comedy, Cinemax


Cinemax: Cinemax

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